Tesla Supercharger at Hotel Eindhoven

Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven values the environment. In cooperation with Tesla we offer several electric charging points. The charging points are located on the car park of our hotel, directly on the highways (A2/A67/N2). With charging points throughout the Netherlands, Van der Valk makes electric driving more and more possible. This also fits in with Van der Valk’s vision of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Tesla Supercharger
Hotel Eindhoven is a Tesla Supercharger location with no less than 24 charging points. With these superchargers you can charge your Tesla Model S in minutes instead of hours. 

The Tesla Supercharger is considerably more powerful than any other charging technology currently available and delivers up to 120 kW DC (direct current) to the battery of the Model S. The charger is just as easy to use as the home charger.

Combine the practical with the pleasant
At Hotel Eindhoven you can enjoy a lunch or dinner in one of our restaurants while your car is recharging or use our flexible workplaces at 040 Seats & Offices.