Charge your electric car with Allego at Van der valk hotel eindhoven

Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven values the environment. In cooperation with Allego we offer several electric charging points. The charging points are located on the car park of our hotel, directly on the highways (A2/A67/N2). With charging points throughout the Netherlands, Van der Valk makes electric driving more and more possible. This also fits in with Van der Valk’s vision of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Allego Charging Stakes
In addition to the Tesla Supercharger, Hotel Eindhoven boasts an Allego charging station. On the loading square at the entrance of our car park you will find several loaders with which you can load your car at different speeds. Depending on the time you expect to spend with us, you can choose from the various chargers.

High Power Chargers of up to 350kW (DC)
With Allego's two HPC chargers it is possible to fully charge your car within 15 minutes. These chargers have a maximum loading speed of 350kw. However, the actual loading speed is always determined by the vehicle itself. The chargers are equipped with a CCS plug and are not suitable for Plug-in hybrid cars.

Fast Charger of up to 50kW (DC)
With the Allego Fast Charger it is possible to charge your car up to 80% within 30 to 60 minutes. This charger has a maximum charging speed of 50kw. Again, the maximum loading speed is determined by the vehicle itself. The charger is equipped with the ChaDeMo, the CCS and Type 2 plug.

Regular Chargers up to 22kW (AC)
Do you have a little more time and does your car not have to be fully recharged within half an hour? Then there are 4 charging points at your disposal that can charge your electric car up to a maximum speed of 22kW. At these charging points you can charge with the Type 2 plug.

Payment is easy with your Charge Card
For all Allego loading options, you can easily pay with virtually all available loading passes.