If you are looking for a hotel with a fitness room to keep you in shape during your stay, then Hotel Eindhoven is the place to be! In our fitness area you will find various professional Technogym cardio and strength equipment. At Toucan Sportsclub the needs of our guests are the main focus. Therefore we offer various sports facilities (by appointment):

  • Group lessons
  • Free training
  • Guided free training

Unfortunately, the gym is not accessible to people with a physical disability due to stairs.

Opening hours members

Opening hours Hotel guests

Group lessons

The selection of group classes is very diverse. Train your entire body and stay motivated thanks to the music during Bodygym! Or opt for a combination of vitality and relaxation with Pilates? A group lesson in aquajogging in the heated pool is also highly recommended.

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Aqua jogging

During an aqua jogging lesson, various types of walking and muscle-strengthening exercises are offered. All major muscle groups in the body are trained intensively. 30 Minutes of aqua jogging is equal to 2 hours of walking! Exercise in heated (+31 C) water.



Fitness to music. While the (strength) exercises ensure a safe and effective workout, the music provides fun and motivation. During the training, all muscle groups are worked extensively. It increases your resistance, improves your condition and is fun too!

Our sports instructors have designed a special programme for the elderly that takes your age and body into account. Although exercise in all its forms is good for the elderly, some types of sport are more suitable for the elderly than others. The elderly bodygym takes this into account perfectly.



BoksFit is a varied way of training. By means of various boxing techniques, you work on your condition and resilience. This work-out is based on the authentic boxing training and is a real fat burner. In addition to technique training, you will be working on your strength and endurance. Boxing experience is not necessary. 



You don't want to work out in a gym? But would you like to be fit, strong, flexible and active in the open air? Then Boot Camp is the right group lesson for you! An active class in the open air where you train both condition and strength in a group. Makes you physically and mentally strong.


An indoor cycling workout with lively rhythmic music playing in the background to guide you to the end of the lesson. A tough work out on a spinning bike that is not for everyone. Do you dare?

Cycling is good for your heart and vessels. You will get a strong heart, it increases your lung capacity and is good for a regular blood circulation and supple muscles.




In Pilates, control and correct execution are central: breathing and awareness to work the right muscles are the basis of every exercise. During this group lesson, exercises in which stability and posture play an important role are discussed. The exercises are aimed at improving posture, body balance and body control. Ideal if you want to combine the training of your body with the awareness of your body!

Total body workout

Do you want to train your entire body? Then the total body workout is for you! This is an intensive circuit training of 30 minutes. It improves your performance and endurance, increases your explosive power and promotes fat burning.


Unassisted training

Besides group lessons, it is of course also possible to train freely without supervision. In our gym, you will find various professional Technogym cardio and strength machines. Everything is there for a good workout!

Semi-supervised training

Would you like to work out, but don't know where to start? We are glad to help. A professional instructor can create a personal training schedule for you based on your personal goals. Every 6 weeks, the schedule is reviewed and adjusted if necessary.

Some examples:

  • Losing weight
  • Preventing or treating a specific injury
  • Preparing for a sports event (such as a marathon)
  • Condition improvement
  • Motivation

Personal trainer

Do you need more guidance? The professional and certified trainers of our partner Danaï Sport Eindhoven will be happy to draw up a complete personal plan with you.