Eindhoven Highlights

There is plenty to do in the vicinity of Hotel Eindhoven! Eindhoven is the 5th largest city in the Netherlands with over 200,000 inhabitants. In this lively city you can discover all kinds of things in the field of culture, technology and design. In addition, the city centre offers plenty of opportunities for fun shopping and enjoying the large culinary offerings. Get on your bike and within 10 minutes you will be in the middle of the city centre!

On this page you can read all about the Highlights of Eindhoven

Must see/do
  • City Tours Eindhoven
    City Tours Eindhoven offers tours and trips in Eindhoven and Brabant. Would you like to get to know the city like a local? City Tours Eindhoven offers all tours with a unique self-developed web app that allows you to navigate individually from point to point on your phone without having to search for it yourself. Every point is described in detail in the web app with information and tips. Would you like to discover the surroundings by bike? Then book a Street Art tour, Van Gogh tour, picnic tour or highlights tour. You can choose to book these tours on the City Tours Eindhoven Knaap E-Fatbike, a sturdy urban bicycle with wide tyres and frame. It will take you no time at all to make a long trip at 25 km per hour. There is also a walking tour in and around the city centre so that you can discover Eindhoven on your own. Would you rather discover Brabant? Then book the Food Tours by Car through Brabant including a route along the highlights and at least four food and beverage stops along the way. Take a look around and get to know the city in a relaxed way.
  • The Blob
    This organically shaped futuristic structure designed by Massimiliano Fuksas serves as access to the beautiful shopping centre the Admirant.
  • Flying Pins
    The bowling ball with flying cones is a special work of art and at its highest point no less than 8.5 metres high.
  • De Bergen
    De Bergen is one of the oldest districts of Eindhoven. The most important streets in this district are the Kleine Berg, Grote Berg and Bergstraat. The Wilhelminaplein also plays an important role. The district is characterized by several better restaurants with a culinary delicacy and is one of the most enjoyable shopping areas of Eindhoven!
  • The Market Square
    The Markt is one of the most crowded squares in the centre of Eindhoven. This is due to the large number of restaurants and terraces that are located on the square. Events are also often organised, such as the placement of an ice rink, fundraising activities such as the Glass House and various live performances.
  • Down Town Gourmet Market
    A special foodhall with no less than 21 different kitchens around a large terrace. Conviviality is guaranteed at the Down Town Gourmet Market.
  • Stratumseind
    The Stratumseind in Eindhoven is the entertainment area of Eindhoven. A long street characterized by the many cafes and pubs. This location is therefore also very popular with the nightlife crowd.
  • Strijp - S
    Strijp S is a unique location, located just outside the centre of Eindhoven, which is currently undergoing enormous development. Huge Philips factories have been transformed into impressive lofts, restaurants and shops. Due to the numerous events that are organised there every week, you will not get bored easily.
  • Prehistoric village
    Experience the past with a voyage of discovery through the Prehistoric village. During your tour you will meet historical inhabitants from prehistoric times to the late Middle Ages. Listen to their exciting stories and acquire the skills that have helped the world move forward over the years.
  • Genneper Parks
    Our hotel is located in the green heart of the Genneper Parks. Genneper Parks is a nature-, sports- and recreation area in the south of Eindhoven with amongst others the largest Indoor-Sport Centre of the Netherlands, the Historical Open Air Museum Eindhoven, ice sports centre, riding school, golf course, mini-golf course and several beautiful walking and cycling routes.
Food & Beverage Hotspots
  • The Dommelstraat
    The Dommelstraat is a street full of catering establishments in the centre of Eindhoven. This street connects to the Stationsplein, where you will also find a lot of nice restaurants.
  • Kazerne
    An international stage for the creative industry where the worlds of art, design, knowledge and technology come together all year round with good food and drinks.
  • Mr de Boer
    The first breakfast shop in Eindhoven offers 'breakfast all day' and more.
  • City brewery
    Delicious home-brewed specialty beers, interesting tours of the brewery and a sunny terrace can be found at Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven.
  • Intelligentia Ice
    A creative ice cream parlour with unique flavours located at Strijp - S.
  • Street food Eindhoven
    Original dishes in a cosy industrial environment.
Museum Hotspots
  • Van Abbe
    Leading museum of modern art in a building that surprises with a combination of old & new architecture. The museum has an extensive international collection of over 3,000 works of art.
  • Philips Museum
    Learn all about the history of Philips. From the very beginning, the development of the grow light to the latest innovations.
  • PSV Museum
    Admire the biggest prizes in club history and experience red/white in an interactive way during your visit to the PSV Museum.
  • DAF Museum
    For both connoisseurs and nonconnoisseurs, the DAF museum, from 1928 to the present day, is a unique experience.
  • MU Artspace
    MU Artspace stands for changing exhibitions in the field of art, design, fashion, architecture and new media.
  • Enversed VR Center
    Experience Europe's largest Virtual Reality Center.
  • Temporary Art Centre (TAC)
    A breeding ground for creativity. In addition to studios and workshops, you can come here for concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions and parties.
Shop & Design Hotspots
  • The Heuvelgalerie
    The Heuvelgalerie is an indoor shopping centre located on the Markt in Eindhoven. Here you will find a large and diverse range of shops including many fashion boutiques, sports shops, bookshops and specialty gift and jewellery shops.
  • Piazza Center
    Piazza Center is located practically next to Eindhoven Central Station. The modern four-storey shopping complex borders directly on the Demer: a consecutive popular shopping street.
  • Urban Shopper
    The place to be for shoppers who want to experience something different from the city centre of Eindhoven.
  • Design Daily's
    Design Daily's extensive collection of funny gadgets and cool gifts is certainly not everyday.
  • Deense Kroon
    In this Scandinavian concept store you will find a unique mix of women, men and kids fashion combined with lifestyle and living by hip Scandinavian designers.
  • Hutspot
    Special shop filled with interesting brands, up-and-coming designers, groundbreaking artists and entrepreneurs.
  • Piet Hein Eek
    Piet Hein Eek's building is located in a former Philips factory at Strijp-R in Eindhoven. The building is a great voyage of discovery full of inspiration and an absolute must for lovers of design and good food.
Concert Hotspots
  • Dynamo
    Dynamo is music, Dynamo is sport, Dynamo is art, Dynamo is dance. In short, anything is possible here. In addition to big names, expect local and regional talent on stage at Dynamo.
  • Effenaar
    Poppodium Effenaar is the cultural stage of Eindhoven where concerts and dance evenings are organised in two halls.
  • Park Theatre Eindhoven
    Parktheater Eindhoven is one of the larger theatres in the Netherlands and is located on the edge of the Stadswandelpark in Eindhoven. It organises theatre performances and other activities for almost 300,000 visitors a year.