Terms and Conditions

The Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry

The UVH are registered with the District Court and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in The Hague. For further information go to khn.nl/uvh-en.

Our house rules


  • Pay with Debit or Credit Card. We do not accept cash.
  • You must identify yourself with a valid form of identification (passport, driving license or identity card) during check-in.
  • On request of the security personnel, you must show a valid ID.
  • Failure to show a valid ID will result in your access being denied.
  • It is not allowed to drink alcohol in and around the hotel.
  • it is not permitted to offer prostitution or escort services in and around the hotel.
  • Narcotics (soft drugs, hard drugs and nitrous oxide) are strictly prohibited in and around the hotel.
  • You are expected to ensure that your behavior is not bothersome and that you respect the peace of our guests.
  • We do not accept theft, vandalism, threats and / or violence.
  • (Photo) recordings can be made. Upon entering the hotel you give tacit permission.
  • If you violate our house rules, you may be refused entry, removed, or turned over to the police.
  • The instructions of personnel and / or security personnel must be followed at all times.
  • In case of irregularities such as calamities and violations of the house rules, our (security) employees are authorized to enter the hotel rooms without prior permission.
  • Anyone aged 18 or older can book a room. Each travel group must have at least 1 person aged 18 or over. The person who (also) books a trip for other participants is liable for all others that he or she registers. With regard to underage travelers, it must be demonstrated that parents or guardians have granted permission. If a traveler is not yet 18 years old, we kindly request you to contact us by telephone.