Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven meets or wants to meet the following agreements:

  • We make an active contribution to the development of our profession and the transfer of our knowledge to others who want to learn our profession.
  • We inform our working relations (client/customer, colleagues and suppliers) that we do business in a socially responsible way.
  • We make transparent agreements with the client and/or suppliers about the quality of our services and monitor the quality we deliver.
  • We determine the social impact of our services and limit it as much as possible insofar as it has a negative impact, such as fraudulent acts, intimidation, exploitation and child labour.
  • We monitor both the continuity of our business and that of the employee, and we provide services should we experience a loss of income.
  • We make a voluntary contribution to social causes through donations and sponsorship and/or voluntary work.
  • We continuously work to reduce the environmental impact of our company.
  • We continuously work to improve our own procurement process when it comes to purchasing (office) materials and services with an environmental and/or social label.