Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven aims to meet the following commitments:

We make an active contribution to developments in our field and also to the transfer of knowledge to others that wish to learn those skills.

We inform all our business relationships (clients/customers, peers and suppliers) that we are a socially responsible business.

We make clear agreements with our clients/customers and/or suppliers about the quality of our services and we also monitor the quality that we deliver.

We determine the social impact of our services and limit them as far as possible from the negative impact of instances such as fraudulent conduct, intimidation and harassment, exploitation and child labour.

We monitor both the continuity of our business and our employees and we have procedures in place in the event that we are faced with a loss of income.

We make a voluntary contribution to social and charitable causes through donations or sponsoring and/or through voluntary work.

We work continuously on reducing the environmental footprint of our company.

We work continuously to improve our own procurement processes, especially concerning the purchasing of (office) equipment and services with an environmental and/or social quality mark.