swimming lessons

The swimming school of Toucan Sportsclub is in Eindhoven and surroundings a true concept. Many mums and dads and subsequent children have achieved the A, B or C swimming certificate through this swimming school!

Children from 4 years and older can start swimming lessons at Toucan Sportsclub. The lessons are given from Monday - Thursday. For the enrolment of swimming lessons you should take into account a waiting period of 10 - 12 months.

Our swimming method
At Toucan Sportsclub we work with a '4 step method'. Each step is concluded with a splash diploma for the children. You can find the steps below:

Step 1:

  • Jumping into the water
  • Floating on the belly and back
  • Staying under water for a few seconds
  • Blowing bubbles under water
  • Make a nice leg stroke, both on the belly and on the back
  • Breaststroke breast crawl
    *These steps are all done with straps and a cork as a floating device.

Step 2:

  • Pushing off from the shore and floating on your back for 10 seconds
  • Floating on your belly and blowing bubbles
  • Entering the water with a headlong jump and then swimming through a hoop
  • 30 metres breaststroke
  • 30 metres backstroke
  • The leg stroke of the breast and back crawl
  • 15 seconds of water pedalling with a turn around the longitudinal axis
  • Watching under water
    *These steps are all carried out using a cork as a means of flotation device

Step 3:


  • Turn to your back and float for 10 seconds
  • Turn to belly and float out for 10 seconds with the face in the water
  • Tilting: 5 seconds floating on the back, tilting towards the stomach, 5 seconds floating on the back (face in the water), tilting towards the back and 5 seconds floating on the back

Entering the water:

  • Straight jump and go completely underwater
  • Drop backwards from the shore into the water
  • Bombard
  • Headlong jump
    *These steps are all performed without flotation devices

Step 4:

  • With a foot jump into the water, followed by: 30 metres breaststroke and 30 metres single backstroke
  • Swimming through the hole with a head start
  • 5 metres breaststroke and 5 metres backstroke
  • Swimming 30 metres with a T-shirt on
  • 30 seconds of water pedalling
  • Picking up a ring from 1 metre depth
  • 1 minute of water steps
    *These steps are all performed without floating devices.

After 'step 4' the children start practising for swimming certificate A.

Catch-up lessons
Only swimming lessons that have been cancelled in time can be made up. This can be done on Mondays.

Monday 17:30 - 18:00 hours

During most school holidays there are no swimming lessons. Toucan Sportsclub follows the dates advised by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.