About us

Our policy. Green and safe

A better environment and the highest service for our guests. This is what our policy is all about. The best of both worlds. We have been awarded the Golden Green Key, and we are certified according to the Global Hotel Security Standard by the international SafeHotel organisation.

Golden Green Key

Our hotel has a Golden Green Key. This is the international standard for businesses in the tourism and leisure industry that operate seriously and verifiable in accordance with environmental issues. The Green Key guarantees the commitment of the entrepreneur to thinking about environmental concerns beyond the normal legal requirements.

Safe Hotel

The European Union has issued clear guidelines for European hotels. It requires an EU certification method that is designed with the inspection criteria for assessing fire safety applied uniformly. In 2009, Hotel Eindhoven became the first hotel in the Netherlands to be certified according to the Global Hotel Security Standard by the international SafeHotel organisation.

CSR policy

For some time Hotel Eindhoven has been paying close attention to corporate social responsibility. Both in our internal operations and in the selection of suppliers, we keep a close eye on our social responsibility. On the 27th March, 2013, we once again received a golden copy of the Certificate of Sustainability.

Certified at PSO level 3

Hotel Eindhoven has met the requirements for Level 3 on the PSO performance ladder for another period of two years.

We have been a PSO-certified company since march 2015. The Performance Ladder Social Entrepreneurship (PSO) quality label not only shows that Hotel Eindhovensupports people with a vulnerable labour market position, but also offers them a place within our own business.

Companies certified at level 3 are among the pioneers in the field of social entrepreneurship and meet the qualitative requirements regarding appropriate work, integration, functioning & development, and guidance. Hotel Eindhoven considers social entrepreneurship self-evident: people with a distance to the labour market have a place on our work floor.

Read all about our green policy in our CSR statement.