Sustainable policy

A better environment and the highest level of service for our guests, that is what our policy is all about. And not without success, because thanks to our sustainable policy we have received various certificates.

  • Green Key Gold
    As a sustainable company, Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven is certified with the Green Key Gold certificate. With this certificate we take our responsibility towards the nature and the environment, without you having to compromise on comfort.
  • Sustainable Entrepreneur
    In addition, we have already received the 'Keurmerk Duurzame Ondernemer' award 4 times in a row. This is the highest achievable award for sustainable entrepreneurship within the municipality of Eindhoven.
  • Highest step on the PSO Performance Ladder for Social Entrepreneurship.
    Hotel Eindhoven also has a status of Step 3 on the Performance Ladder for Social Entrepreneurship of TNO. With this recognition, we demonstrate that we offer employment in a sustainable and high-quality manner to people with a distance to the labour market.
  • SafeHotel
    Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven was the first hotel in the Netherlands to receive the SafeHotel certificate in 2009. This means that the hotel complies with the most recent requirements of the European Union when it comes to fire safety.
  • CSR policy
    Moreover, we have been paying a great deal of attention to corporate social responsibility for some time now. Both in our internal operational management and in the choice of suppliers, we carefully consider our social responsibility. Read all about our green policy in our CSR statement.