Public Transportation

Public transport – train

Tickets: You can use a disposable chip card or the anonymous OV chip card. The disposal chip card is for one-time use only. They can be purchased at NS ticket machines or at Nationale Spoorwegen (NS) service desks in railway stations. With this ticket type, there is a €1 surcharge per journey.

The anonymous OV chip card can be used more frequently and can also be purchased at NS ticket machines or service desks. There is a one-off fee of €7.50, but the card can also be used on buses, trams, metro trains and ferries. You must charge your OV chip card at an NS ticket machine before travel. Please note! To travel by train, you must have a minimum balance of €20 on your card. You also need to check the OV chip card in and out on the posts in the station. NS ticket machines only accept debit cards.

All stations have yellow information boards detailing the timetable from the early morning until evening. There are also departure boards above the platforms showing the time of the next train and its destination. Should the timetable change, then this will be announced and displayed on the departure board above the platform. So you should always keep an eye on the departure board.


Public transport – bus

There is a busstop located directly in front of Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven: P+R Genneper Parken. Line numbers 7, 317 and 318 will take you to the centre of Eindhoven or to Eindhoven Central Station within 10 minutes. View the current bus times hereTo travel by bus, you always need a valid ticket. You can travel with a personal, anonymous or disposable OV-chip card. You can also buy a ticket on the bus (PIN payments only) or check in directly with your bank card. Buying a ticket in advance is also possible.