Public Transportation

Public transport – train


Ticket: You can use an OV-chip card; it can be personal or anonymous. You can get the anonymous OV-chip card at a point of sale at the station or at the various kiosks. The anonymous OV-chipkaart must be topped up with at least 20 euro to travel.

You can use the anonymous OV-chipkaart more often. You can also buy it at an NS ticket machine or NS service desk. You pay €7.50 once and this card is also valid for the bus, tram, metro and ferry. Before travelling, you should recharge the OV-chip card at an NS card machine. You should also check in and out at the OV-chipkaart poles at the station. At NS card machines, you can only pay by debit card.

Nowadays, you can also check in and out with your debit card, credit card or smartphone. After you have checked out at your destination, the amount for which you travelled will be debited from your account.

At each station, you will find yellow boards where you can read where and what time your train leaves from early morning until late at night. Above the platforms you will also find departure boards. These show the time of the upcoming train and where it is going. If the timetable changes, this will be announced and the departure sign on the platform will change. So always keep a close eye on the departure board!


Public transport – bus

Directly in front of Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven you will find a bus stop: P+R Genneper Parken. Line numbers 7, 317 and 318 will take you to Eindhoven Central Station or nbaar the centre of Eindhoven within 10 minutes. You can check the current bus times at De times for the trains at

If you do not have an OV-chip card, it is only possible to buy a ticket on the bus by debit card.