040 Noord

040 Noord is the perfect location for plenary presentations or exhibitions up to 420 persons. The conference room boasts natural daylight over the entire length, soundproof walls and modern audiovisual technology. The room is also wheelchair accessible and the lighting in the room can be adjusted to your own wishes with the touchscreen panel. The conference room is located on the first floor.

040 Noord is multifunctional; any configuration is possible. Moreover, thanks to the sliding walls, the 040 Noord can be linked to the 040 Zuid, which makes it easy to increase the total surface area of the room. What makes the room extra special is the ceiling height which is over 6 metres, a private entrance from the car park, a built-in bar and of course the special car elevator. This makes the 040 Noord perfect for product launches where large material has to be hoisted into the hall, such as car launches. 

With a total surface area of 353 m2, 040 Noord is suitable for a meeting up to:
•    54 persons in exam setup;
•    108 persons in school setup;
•    175 persons in cabaret setup;
•    264 persons in theatre setup;
•    192 persons in gala setup;
•    264 persons in reception setup;

All of our meeting rooms are equipped with a Service Caller so you can ask for assistance from within the room.

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Number of persons per room setup

  • U-shape

  • Boardroom

  • Theater

    264 pers.

  • School

    108 pers.

  • Reception

    264 pers.

  • Gala

    192 pers.

  • Exam

    54 pers.

  • Cabaret

    175 pers.

  • Carré

Location facilities

  • Number of conference rooms 26
  • All-inclusive prices for conferences
  • Hotelbar (sushi)
  • 3 restaurants
  • Suites
  • Swimming pool
  • Free parking
  • Laundry and dry cleaning service
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Fitness
  • Electric car charging station
  • Restaurant (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • 24-hours reception
  • Green Key (Gold)
  • Free WiFi
  • 263 Hotel Rooms
  • Near the highway
  • Near airport 11,6 km
  • Bus stop within 500 meters
  • Ruraly and quiet location

Room facilities

  • Dimensions: 24,5 x 14,4 x 6,4 m / 6,4 ft
  • Surface: 353 m² / 3799.7 ft²
  • Climate control
  • Wireless microphone
  • Sound system
  • Flipchart with markers and paper
  • Writing material
  • Conference kit
  • Water and peppermint
  • Technical support
  • Sound system
  • Boardroom table
  • Blinds
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Soundproof walls
  • Power supply
  • Sunscreens
  • Room with a large entrance doors
  • LED lighting with adjustable color schemes
  • Dimensions: at least 360 cm high
  • Good lightning
  • Light space
  • Professional lightning plan
  • Laser Card to lock your room
  • Free WiFi
  • Beamer with projector screen
  • Bar
  • Daylight

Optional facilities

  • Microphone op aanvraag (On request apiece)
  • Refridgerator (On request apiece)
  • Video conference (On request apiece)
  • Catheder (On request apiece)
  • Conference Call equipment op aanvraag (On request apiece)
  • White board (On request apiece)
  • Laptop / Computer (On request apiece)
  • Stage op aanvraag (On request apiece)
  • Flowers (On request apiece)
  • Laser pointer (On request apiece)
  • Dance floor (On request apiece)
  • Exam tables (On request apiece)
  • Technical support (On request apiece)
  • Boardroom table (On request apiece)
  • Registration table (On request apiece)