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Extended due to great success: our Chef has developed a delicious OZZO sushi box, filled with the best sushi from OZZO Food & Drinks. Perfect to enjoy together at home. With this luxury OZZO sushi box you will have an unforgettable evening!

OZZO sushi box - € 55,00

- Eel (2 pieces)
- Tuna (2 pieces)
- Beef (2 pieces)
- Salmon
- Tuna
California Roll
- Spicy Tuna (4 pieces)
- Shrimp (4 pieces)
- Hot Salmon (4 pieces)
-Kinky Crab (4 pieces)
- Crab & Rettich (4 pieces)
- Cucumber & Omelet (4 pieces)
- Salmon & Cucumber (4 pieces)
- Carrot & Tartar (4 pieces)
Side Dishes
- Wakame
- Wasabi
- Ginger
- Soy Sauce

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