Audio tour

Welcome to an audio journey through 50 years of pure hospitality and timeless elegance! Step into the history of our beloved hotel and discover the unforgettable moments that have shaped the past five decades. Our exclusive anniversary audio tour will take you through the highlights, anecdotes and secrets that make this iconic hotel so special.

Whether you are a loyal guest who has enjoyed our hospitality over the years or are entering our hotel for the first time, this audio tour promises a meaningful journey through time. Enrich your stay, celebrate history and be inspired by the timeless grandeur of our jubilee hotel. Press play and let the festive sounds of our past welcome you on this extraordinary aural journey!


Meet the visionaries behind the establishment, listen to the exciting anecdotes of loyal guests and discover the hidden histories that took place behind our hotel's majestic facade. Our guests and staff share personal memories, enthusiastic moments and the evolutionary journey our beloved hotel has been on.