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Van der Valk World eaters

We have put together a surprisingly versatile menu especially for the youngest guests: Van der Valk Wereldeters. Children are challenged with these adventurous dishes to eat something different than the traditional children's menus. 

The newest edition of the Van der Valk Wereldeters children's menu is available! The Italian spaghetti bolognese, Swiss cheese fondue, Alaskan fish stick, Argentinan steak, French chicken drumsticks and of course the Dutch pot are on the menu this winter. The kids eat surprisingly tasty with our Wereldeters children's dishes. Which dish would you prefer?

Traveling with Timo Toucan
With the help of Timo Toekan, the children are taken on a trip to countries such as Italy, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Hawaii and, last but not least, the Netherlands. Every country has a dish, fun stories and facts that Timo tells. Every six months the menu is refreshed with new countries, facts and dishes.

The book "World eaters"
The children's menu is inspired by the award-winning book "World eaters" by Marjolein de Vlaam. In the book Wereldeters you can read how children really eat everything. It is a book full of fun stories and facts about 10 appealing countries spread around the world. Complemented with lots of cheerful photos and illustrations. Click here for more information about the book Wereldeters.

Because we also want to mean something to the less fortunate children, Van der Valk supports KidsRights. This organization stands up for the position of vulnerable children anywhere in the world. With the Wereldeters children's menu we particularly support the Sizanani food program in South Africa.

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