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Do you want to completely unwind during your stay at Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven? Then you are at the right address at Toucan Sportsclub! Here they know exactly what you need for ultimate relaxation.

The massages at Toucan Sportsclub are available to everyone, including guests who are not staying at our hotel. The massages of Toucan Sportsclub are only available by appointment which you can make on 040 - 212 46 25.

Would you like to enjoy a wonderful body massage to relax or a sports massage to get you going again? Toucan Sportsclub offers four different massages. The massages have a duration of 30 minutes or 55 minutes. Club members receive a 10% discount on massages.

Prices of the massages:

  • 55 minutes - €52,50
  • 30 minutes - €29,50

*For the herbal pouch massage, there is a surcharge of €10.00.

Relaxation massage

A moment for yourself, pure relaxation of body and mind. Works preventively for maintaining good health. It relaxes the muscles, tendons and joints, makes them more supple, improves the blood circulation of the muscles and skin and de-stresses.

Only possible by appointment.

Sports massage

This powerful massage is aimed at reducing symptoms of fatigue, for recovery after injuries, for prevention of injuries or for preparation and improvement of sports efforts. During this sports massage mainly the muscles are massaged to promote the removal of waste substances and to stimulate the metabolism. This treatment is not only suitable for athletes, but for everyone.

Only possible by appointment.

Foot Reflexology massage

This originally Chinese foot massage is based on the principle that the sole of the foot is in contact with the rest of the body via energy channels. The soles of the feet, divided into ten zones, are massaged and evoke a reflex in an associated organ or gland.

Only possible by appointment.

Herbal pouch massage

The Thai herbal pouch massage is an ancient tradition from Thailand and has been passed on from generation to generation. With warm Thai herbal pouches the body is massaged. The herbal pouches contain various herbs such as ginger, tamarind, lime and patchouli. These herbs have a cleansing, warming and calming effect on the body, the organs and the mind. In addition, Thai herbs also have a healing effect on rheumatism, muscle complaints and fluid retention (oedema).

During this massage you will be massaged with warm herbal pouches. You will be repeatedly massaged to ensure that the herbs have a profound effect on the body. During this treatment the aromatic scents are released from the herbal pouches. At the end you will be massaged with warm oil, this will give an extra stimulation to the herbs.

Only possible by appointment.