Mini market moes de pom

Our hotel has a 24/7 mini market called Moes de Pom. You will find the mini market at 040 Seats & Offices located just around the corner from the hotel reception along the elevators.

At Moes de Pom you can also find delicious fresh meals, salads, soups and pizzas. Ideal for when you check in late, don't have time to dine extensively or for a pit stop on the way. For a little power boost, you will find various delicacies at Moes de Pom.

Also, because of the new collaboration with The Gift Label, you can visit Moes de Pom for the best gift items. Not only fun to give, but also to get. Best of all? These gift items are on sale 24/7. So are you looking for a last minute gift? Visit our mini market Moes de Pom!

Forgot something? At Moes de Pom we sell a small range of products that (almost) everyone forgets to take with them when traveling.