Food & Beverage

Live Cooking Lunch buffet

Monday to Friday starting between 12.00 am and 14.00 pm in restaurant Het Buffet
€ 23.50 adults per person | € 11.75 child (4 to 11 years) p.p.
* Prices include coffee, tea, milk and fruit juices.

Our extensive Live Cooking Lunch buffet is presented in our Live Cooking buffet restaurant between 12:00 and 14:00. The dishes are prepared fresh daily and with the greatest care. Enjoy a variety of delicious and varied dishes with family, friends or colleagues.

The Live Cooking Lunch Buffet consists of various hot and cold dishes and a number of dishes are prepared live by our cook. An assortment of luxury breads, various salads and a wide selection of meats and cheeses: 

Bread corner
Croissants | White bread rolls | Brown bread rolls | Mini sandwiches | Gingerbread | Currant bread | Muffins | Danish pastries 

Cheese & meat products
Salami | Chorizo | Cooked ham | Smoked ham | Roast beef | Chicken roulade | Beef sausage Salmon spread | Brie | Old cheese | Cumin cheese | Olives | Artichokes

Arugula | Mesclum | Tomatoes | Cucumber | Corn | Carrot | Beetroot | Feta cheese

Two different soups

Warm side
Rice | Puree | Pasta | French fries | Vegetables | Wok vegetables | Baked potatoes | Various warm sauces | Fish and meat dishes from the baking tray | Different snacks from the snack wall

Rate Holidays 2020
A special rate applies during special or public holidays. Therefore, more luxurious dishes are served. These rates apply to the Sinterklaas brunch.

Monday to Friday starting between 12:00 and 14:00 in restaurant Het Buffet
€ 35.00 adults per person | € 17.50 child (4 to 11 years) p.p.
* Prices include coffee, tea, milk and fruit juices

Note: Different special rates apply for Christmas and New Year's Eve, see Christmas brochure.

Come and reserve a table for an extensive Live Cooking Lunch buffet.