All Van der Valk guests can use a new form of sustainable mobility. An Amber hub will be opened at 6 different locations in the Netherlands where all guests have the possibility to reserve a 100% electric Amber car or e-bike. Current Amber drivers are also becoming more flexible in planning their trips due to the expansion and strategic location of the hubs. The Amber hubs have opened at the following Van der Valk locations: Amsterdam-Amstel, Hilversum, Stein-Urmond, Ridderkerk, Eindhoven and Venlo. Check the Amber app for the exact locations. Later, we will expand the network by adding multiple Van der Valk locations.

Not just charging Amber's…

This collaboration does not only provide an extra step towards a nationwide network of hubs. It also ensures that you can insert an extra charging moment. All Amber drivers can charge literally and figuratively. In addition to the Amber, you can also charge yourself at Van der Valk by, for example, drinking a nice cup of coffee, having a delicious lunch or booking an overnight stay.

Working together on sustainability

Rick Polman (4th generation Van der Valk) about the collaboration: “Sustainability is in the DNA of our family business. For generations, the Van der Valk group has focused on facilitating hospitality in mobility. This is how many Van der Valk Locations were created along roads. The collaboration with Amber is a self-evident further interpretation of this and fits in seamlessly with our core values”.

The collaboration with Amber is also an additional initiative that contributes to CO2 reduction. Through current initiatives, Van der Valk has already achieved a CO2 reduction of at least 40% compared to other hotels. The aim is to further increase this reduction through cooperation.