Traffic disruption A2/N2

Due to work on the tunnel, fewer lanes will be available on the A2/N2 from the 28th of July until the 22nd of August. The lanes have also been shifted and are narrower. As a result, a lower speed limit of 70 kilometres per hour applies. This will cause serious traffic disruption. The A2/N2 will not be completely closed, but the extra travel time in busy periods may be as much as 60 minutes.

Where exactly?
This applies to the A2/N2 Eindhoven ring road between the Batadorp and Leenderheide interchanges, in both directions. All diversion routes will be signposted locally.

Advice for local traffic
Local traffic (traffic travelling to Eindhoven) is advised to travel at quiet times whenever possible, or to choose alternative transport. Keep an eye on the latest traffic information and be well prepared for your journey.

Accessibility of exits 29 to 32 (from Den Bosch and Nijmegen)
Traffic from 's-Hertogenbosch and Nijmegen cannot use exits 29 through 32 from the Batadorp junction. These are the exits: Eindhoven-Airport, Centrum, Meerhoven, Veldhoven and Veldhoven-Zuid. The Eindhoven Airport exit to the A2 in the direction of 's-Hertogenbosch, Nijmegen and Tilburg will also be closed during the entire period. The Dirk Noordhoflaan is also closed between the Oirschotsedijk and the Spottersweg. Traffic will be diverted at the location.

View the current travel information
Before you leave, check the latest travel information on the Rijkswaterstaat website and the VanAnaarBeter website.