Children's party at Hotel Eindhoven

Is your birthday coming up soon? Then you of course want to celebrate it together with your friends. And what could be nicer than having a party in a swimming pool?

A children's party at Hotel Eindhoven will be a great experience. You will enjoy a lot of water fun with all your friends.  And because all that swimming and playing makes you hungry, we also offer some treats during the children's party. For only € 6.95 per person, you will have the children's party of your dreams!

You can choose between two types of children's parties:

  • Children's party 1

- 1½ hours swimming
- 1 glass of soft drink
- 1 bag of chips
  Price per child € 6.95 

* At least 6 children
* On Wednesday after 4:45 p.m., Saturday afternoons, Sunday afternoons and based on availability

  • Children's party 2

 - 1½ hours swimming
- Eating in the restaurant (Dutch jar)
- 1 consumption per child
Price per child €15,75

* At least 6 children
* Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon, school holidays and based on availability

Make a reservation right here and get the invitation ready: I'm not saying what we're going to do, but bring your swimming gear!

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