Children's party at Hotel Eindhoven

Temporarily not available due to covid19

Is your birthday coming up soon? Then you of course want to celebrate it together with your friends. And what would be nicer than having a party in a swimming pool? Who doesn't know the saying: "We won't tell you what we are going to do, but you have to bring your swimming gear! "

A children's party at Hotel Eindhoven will be a great experience. You will enjoy lots of water fun with all your friends.  And because all that swimming and playing makes you hungry, we also offer some treats during the children's party. For only € 6.95 per person, you will have the children's party of your dreams!

You can choose between two types of children's parties:

  • Children's party 1

- 1½ hours swimming
- 1 glass of soft drink
- 1 bag of chips
  Price per child 

* At least 6 children
* On Wednesday after 4:45 p.m., Saturday afternoons, Sunday afternoons and based on availability

  • Children's party 2

 - 1½ hours swimming
- Eating in the restaurant (Dutch jar)
- 1 consumption per child
Price per child 

* At least 6 children
* Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon, school holidays and based on availability

Make a reservation right here and make your invitation ready: "I'm not saying what we're going to do, but bring your swimming gear!"