rent a car via amber

At several Van der Valk locations in the Netherlands an Amber hub has been opened where guests have the possibility to reserve a 100% electric Amber car.

What is Amber?
Amber is an innovative start-up based in Eindhoven, which offers guaranteed on-demand mobility by means of fully electric BMW i3s. The collaboration brings Van der Valk and Amber together in a joint vision on sustainable entrepreneurship and the mobility of the future. With the Amber concept, cars are used more efficiently and fewer parking spaces and cars are needed. This contributes to improving the liveability of cities and reducing CO2 emissions.

Working together on sustainability
Rick Polman (4th generation Van der Valk) about the partnership: "Sustainability is in the DNA of our family business. For generations, the Van der Valk concern has focused on facilitating hospitality in mobility. This is how many Van der Valk locations have developed along public roads. The cooperation with Amber is a natural extension of this and fits in seamlessly with our core values".

How does it work?
Register via the Amber website and download the Amber App. Reserve a car, pick up your car at the chosen Amber hub, leave the car at another Hub and deregister. After unsubscribing, the cost of using the car will be debited.

How do you reserve a car?
You can reserve a car via the Amber app. In the app you indicate the desired time and your planned route. Then place your reservation. Amber will make sure that a car is ready for you when you need it. 15 minutes before the start time of your reservation you will receive a notification in the app with the registration number of the car assigned to you. The car will be waiting for you in the specially reserved parking spaces in our car park. The car can be left at all public Amber hub throughout the country. An overview of this can be found in the Amber app.

What are the costs?
At Amber you always pay a fair price and only for your use, so no fixed costs or subscriptions. Curious about the rates? Take a look at the website: For frequent Amber users, bundles are available. More information can be found on