Telepresence & Robotica

Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven is progressive with regard to new technologies. For one we are exploring the practical applicability of robotics in collaboration with No1 Robotics from Best. The SmartServant robot moves between the flexwork offices with coffee and snacks. It is not the intention to replace staff but to enhance efficiency in certain work areas. Examples are room service delivery or resupply linen from the main linen rooms to housekeeping.

In the Elysion Convention Center we will be working with the Telepresence Robot. Telepresence refers to a number of technologies, which give a person the sense of being present somewhere different from where they actually are through tele robotics.Telepresence tickles the users’ senses and gives them that sense of being in another location. Users also have the ability to influence the location from a distance. In this particular case positions, movements, actions and voices of users can be registered, sent and copied to the distant location to establish the effect. It is possible to exchange information between the user and the distant location.

WA popular application can be found in telepresence video conferencing, the highest level of video calling yet. Telepresence through video ensures an enhanced technical sophistication and better uniformity between vision and sound as opposed to using traditional video conferencing tools. Technical progression in the field of mobile collaborations has expanded the possibilities of video conferencing beyond the management office/meeting room to be used with portable mobile devices, which enables cooperation independently from the location. One could visit an exhibition digitally. By entering the code of one of the exhibition stands the robot takes the visitor to a physical booth where one can view the products and talk to the representatives, all from a distance. This enables a physical exhibition to profit maximally from a much larger (digital) audience besides the conventional visitor. Telepresence robots are also an excellent solution for social interaction during pandemic crises such as COVID-19.