4000 m² of limitless possibilities

The multifunctional congress rooms all have access to balconies with outside areas and large glass panels to keep a view on the outside. It is a comfortable thing to be able to see what kind of weather it’s like and where you are located in this world. The congress spaces are designed industrially, using a white colour scheme to create unity. The floor is made out of concrete and depending on which type of congress or specific acoustic wishes a carpet can be added. The sum total of available space that the Elysion Exhibition Floor has to offer is 4000 m². A unique location for international fairs and conferences!

All exposition areas are located on the first floor surrounding a spacious atrium with vertical foyers. Starting from the reception desk guests can orientate themselves easily on the horizontal floor. All clearly marked individual spaces are visible from the entrance hall and there is a transparent vertical connection to the floor above. At strategic places catering squares are situated to allow attendees and visitors to break-out during breaks and drinks. This allows large companies to receive service and hospitality quickly and efficiently, but also spread multiple smaller groups to separate locations. All squares are connected to the back office and kitchens to shorten walking distances and enhance efficiency and speed.

The Elysion Convention Center offers 21 high-end meeting rooms besides the Exhibition Floor which allow for sufficient privacy and soundproofing, thus ensuring undisturbed discussion. These cover a combined surface area over 1425 m² and have a combined capacity of 500 persons. These break-out rooms have the 5-hammer qualification and are set up in various fixed settings (block or U-shaped) with high-end furniture and comfortable, quality chairs. All audio-visual and dimming equipment are a standard feature of these meeting rooms and every space offers the facilities to allow for high-level video conferencing.

A total of 2200 persons can simultaneously spend their break in the lounges and foyers, enjoy an active lunch at a high table with a comfortable stool or have some informal conversation while having a drink. In the various restaurants and cafes 1150 persons can be seated at the same time to have a meal. If the occasion demands, the auditorium can be transformed into a multifunctional space for dinners and events hosting larger companies.

Exhibition Floors
New situation
Congreszaal 040 Noord 350
Congreszaal 040 Zuid 550
Eindhovenzaal 500
Elysion EXH 1 600
Elysion EXH 2 600
Elysion EXH 3 600
Elysion EXH 4 Foyer 825
Elysion Auditorium 4 750
Total 4775
Break-out rooms
New situation pax
Industrie 1 100 30
Industrie 2 100 30
Industrie 3 100 30
Industrie 4 100 30
Industrie 5 100 30
Brainport 1 50 16
Brainport 2 50 16
Brainport 3 50 16
Brainport 4 50 16
Brainport 5 50 16
Office 1 15 6
Office 2 15 6
Office 3 15 6
Office 4 15 6
Office 5 15 6
High Tech 1 150 140
TDK 1 50 15
TDK 2 50 15
TDK 3 50 15
TDK 4 50 15
Brainport Business Center 250 40
Total 1425 500

Made possible by Regio Deal Brainport Eindhoven