A world class conference hall

The auditorium can be reached through a system of spacious stairs. Extra space is taken into account on different levels to allow for the breaks of the occupied meeting rooms. The plenary room is industrial, but integrates a darker colour. This colour also creates a peaceful atmosphere and prevents disturbing reflections of the light. Air is blown into the room through a large plenum, ensuring the highest level of comfort by not creating any detectable air movement. The auditorium has a large glass panel which double functions as a rotating door. The panel gives the guest a spectacular sight onto the Eindhoven city skyline. The Elysion Auditorium is unique in its kind. With a sum capacity of 1500 persons, it can host all international association congresses, but the unique design also allows the auditorium to be split up into three smaller segments, thus creating space for smaller conferences and meetings as well.

Elysion auditorium: Equalizing your conference
The auditorium has a flexible set-up making sure multiple configurations are possible at a high-end level: a flexible auditorium with a capacity ranging from 100 up to 1500 persons with limitless audio-visual possibilities.

The main auditorium can be separated into three separate auditorium halls with a capacity of 350, 360 and 350 seats respectively. The auditorium halls can be split up acoustically, making sure they can be used at the same time independently. The lines of sight within these smaller auditoria are of a quality level sufficient to meet movie theatres. All three rooms have a fully equipped direction/production booth. By using double-walled, transparent partitions the vibe of the larger auditorium remains because of the direct visibility. Upon request the auditorium halls can also be separated visually with the in-built darkening facilities. Each auditorium has a separate stage at the level of the front row seats, which can be lifted when not in use. When lifted, it also functions as an acoustic breach. All three rooms are filled with comfortable quality chairs, which can be folded if need be to double function as a side table. This not only creates a space suitable for smaller companies and meetings (for around 100 persons), but also allows for a safe distance between attendees if the meeting or organization requests this. Motives for this solution may be the new normal, the hygienic measures, but also examinations or just to allow extra comfort.

The auditoria have a combined capacity of a 1000 persons. When joining the spaces with the multifunctional stageroom (EA4) of 750  the capacity is enlarged by another 500 persons, by using transportable stands. EA4 includes a control booth and allows dot 50 extra seats and/or transportable interpreter booths. Combinations are efficiently realized with the automatic rotating and sliding walls. All of the dividing walls are double-walled to ensure a complete acoustic division, making sure all auditorium halls as well as their combinations can be used separately simultaneously. This creates a ‘auditorium equalizer’ perfectly answering the demand from the market.

Plenary Room
  new situation pax
New/connected Elysion auditorium 1 350 250
New/connected Elysion auditorium 2 650 500
New/connected Elysion auditorium 3 350 250
New/hybrid Elysion auditorium 4 750 500
Total   2100 1500

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