3D Video Mapping

3D Video Mapping, otherwise known as Projection Mapping, is an innovative application for presentations. One that has been used many times during the GLOW-event in Eindhoven. Its popularity is fast expanding. The technique distinguishes itself by projecting 3D content on surfaces and objects. The limitless possibilities offer enormous room for creative splurges and ensure an unforgettable congress experience.

Regular projection produces the content directly onto a white screen. Video mapping however uses special software which is able to estimate the various surfaces and contours of an object. The projection of the video content is adjusted to the object. This creates unprecedented possibilities of projection. One of the options is to use the front of a building to create a striking impressive optic experience.

Elysion Convention Center has the ambition to install 3D Video Mapping in the Auditorium. In collaboration with companies from Eindhoven with experience from GLOW we can create exquisite visual presentations on walls and floors. It also allows for objects, for example a DAF truck, to be featured in a remarkable and unique fashion.