Elysion convention center

Elysion Convention Center, Eindhoven's new congress location, will be located at Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven by the end of 2025 at the latest. The arrival of the Elysion Convention Center will result in a new auditorium for 1500 visitors, extra parking space and an expansion of the conference hotel, all on the current premises. The extra facilities for the conference centre will be built over the current low-rise building.

Elysion Convention Center. A name chosen for its reference to Elysium, home of the blissful in Greek mythology. The etymological significance of the word is found in the terms enelysios (hit by lightning) and enelysion (a place hit by lightning). The name refers to the ‘vibes’ of Eindhoven. The three zigzag-shaped symbols are like beams of energy, bolts or flashes. Each vibe symbolizes a marker of the city: Technology, Design and Knowledge. Together they form a stylized letter E, for Eindhoven. Elysion too was chosen for the connection to both lightning and her first letter. It also builds on another iconic building: the Evoluon. The Elysion is an exceptional place to convene. A place that generates energy, a place where innovative ideas hit like a lightning bolt!