The future of conferences

Physical encounters will remain at the heart of successful and ambitious enterprises. Ambition is energy: the positioning of Eindhoven rests upon the archetype of the Magician. It is a young city constantly moving forward. A city not afraid to reinvent itself when it needs to. All spaces in the Elysion Convention Center are of such a high quality to be able to engage in bidding procedures for international (association) congresses and is able to actually host these kinds of events. The Elysion Convention Center, when opened measures up to all then applying regulations from the AIPC, but the Elysion Convention Center intends to aim even higher. This is achieved by joining forces with an ‘innovation partner’.

Collaboration is the norm and moves lightning fast. Creativity and logic are in a mutually reinforcing relationship. Eindhoven equals energy. The need to gather with teams and colleagues, to share ideas with one another and to create remains present and shapes the core of the energy. The only question is what way we shape this process in the future using new techniques innovatively. The truth is we don’t know for sure. Therefore, Elysion reached out to Six Fingers. Together with this ‘innovation partner’ we will keep searching for brand alien trends in de MICE-industry. This vision determines the path to the future in terms of lightning, audio-visual resources, acoustics and the development of social encounters between people and the (interactive) communication of the future. The Elysion Convention Center joined forces with a team of researchers and designers to shape our ambition innovatively and to create a Convention Center that is ‘future proof’.

Six fingers: The future starts with not knowing
No one knows what the future looks like. And that is a good thing, because it entails that we still have the means to influence this future in a positive way. Adaptivity is at the core of the yet to build center: ‘Adapting to new realities’ is the concept for the Elysion Convention Center. The continuous ability to adapt to the changing desires and to unknown techniques which will be the reality in 15 years.

The meaning of TDK goes beyond their terminological meaning for us
Embracing the issues of the Brainport area means the region not only has to be economically strong, but also significant for the people studying, working and living there. This is another area in which the Elysion Convention Center will play an important part. The locations makes it the ideal fit for this part. The green environment is inviting and ensures relaxation for visitors of events as well as for the residents of Brainport. That is the reason for letting Elysion Convention Center meld with its surroundings, such as the Genneper Parken and the sports facilities. The center will be able to fulfill different roles. On weekends it will differ from weekdays as well as during summer holidays opposed to business weeks. This way a new icon and magnet is created at the southside of Eindhoven.

Innovation bureau Six Fingers has done research into new concepts arising worldwide in regards to meeting and inspiring. And into modern shapes which are strongly adaptive. Which concepts catch the eye? What can we learn from forerunners in different countries and industries? These insights are, in collaboration with us, translated to a specific implementation of adaptivity and a way to merge with the environment and people who live and work in the Brainport area. Ranging from Eindhovenaar to expat and from resident to visitor. Just like that we have created a Convention Center with international allure rooted in history and which will help develop the future power of the Brainport.