Sport and vitality: The collaboration with sports clusters

Congresses in the field of health and vitality, but also top sport events and even indoor competitions are all part of the possibilities. The auditorium has a view over the stage room (EA4) shaped like stands. The height and size fittingly allow for a large variety of sports events such as volleyball, judo, boxing, tennis, handball and basketball, but also for events like the RoboCup. A capacity enlargement as well as a supporting and initiating role for sports and vitality area Genneper Parken are created simultaneously.

Our ambition is to work alongside various sports associations, the swimming stadium, the Indoor Sports Center, Fontys Sports College and the Sports & Technology cluster (CTO South, TeamNL, BrabantSport) to attract (inter)national top sports tournaments and training camps. Thanks to the unique positioning of the location this could be an interesting add-on. Events as such contribute to the attraction of the region and often take place in off-peak periods (holidays and weekends) and thus rarely conflict with business events.

Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven has ample experience with events of this kind and has been the host of a variety of international tournaments such as the EK Swimming, EK Water Polo, WK Life Saving, EHL Hockey, EK Taekwondo and Judo, Eindhoven Box Cup and will next year be hosting the WK Twirling (gymnastics). It goes beyond saying that the region and in particular the Genneper Parken are an attractive choice for organizers of events of this kind.

It could be interesting to further explore possibilities, besides physical exercise, in the field of conferences and congresses with regard to sport events about innovation like field labs, robotics, automatization and (para)medical applications. Larger sports unions draw international visitors and comprise subjects within the TDK-profile which can benefit regional businesses and organizations such as VDL and the TU/e.