The Elysion Convention Center understands the strength of the region. We invest in a network of stakeholders to further enhance the city’s and Brainport’s position as an attractive congress location, as well as to ensure international organisations to choose for this region with the city as its front and center. It will not suffice to just develop a state-of-the-art Convention Center. The Elysion Convention Center feels that a dedicated ‘Brainport Convention Agency’ is an essential player in the future success of the city as a ‘convention destination’.

The Elysion Convention Center would be one of the locations in this, but it would be preferable to cluster all attractive locations (Klokgebouw, TU/e, Muziekgebouw, Philips Stadion) as one. Within this collaboration other hotels will have a say, but so will the multinational corporations, the municipality, Eindhoven365 and sub regional collaborations such as Brabant Convention Bureau, Visit Brabant and the NBTC. This organization actively approaches internal congress and event organizations, creates bidbooks and keeps in touch with the market. The “Brainport Convention Agency” is an independent public-private collaboration.